Monday, June 25, 2007

Facing the Facts

What I have learned thus far: when a German man says in broken English "I am so tired" this really means, "I am not physically attracted to you and find you annoying. Please leave me alone you crazy American girl." This translation can also apply to American men, though they are usually less articulate, mumbling somehting indistinguishable and then walking away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Sea of Awkwardness

So I arrived in New York City about two weeks ago, strung out on unrequited love, boredom and tennis, a combination that results in watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and working out only your abs in a vain attempt to avoid dieting. After five months of pining after an unusually well-built electrical engineer who was shall we say, just a leeeetle concerned with the number of men I had taken my clothes off for (but not slept with!), I wanted to get the hell out of Houston which was, literally hell, and also skip purgatory in the form of the empty forests of North Carolina and the rowdy mess of my parent's house. That's where NYC comes in. To steal a quote from a book I recently read, I let the city do what it does best. Suck me in to its rhythm and then immediately forget I was there. Here I can ride the subway everyday without worrying I will turn my head and stare straight into a pair of blue eyes belonging to a man that tore my jeans off just a few days before. To say the least, it's quite refreshing. The place I live however, is kinda like someone magically transported my residential college at Rice to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There's a pub, a communal dining hall, and all of the fabulous awkwardness that accompanies making out with your neighbors. Luckily these are European, so they're a little more laid-back.

Monday, June 18, 2007

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The city that never sleeps: My escape from H-town's concrete jungle

Well, I've been in NYC for two weeks now and it sure has been a wild ride! But, those of you who know me would expect nothing less that a veritable rollercoaster of adventures, mistakes and of course, men. Manhattan is breath-taking. It's as simple as that. Rice and every other damn school in Houston can advertise until they have the phrase "fourth-largest city in the U.S" tatooed on our foreheads, but Houston will never be NYC.